Shiok Trip at Singapore! - The End of the Journey

by - May 15, 2016

Hi blogs!

Refer to the title, yes this is my last post from my trip to Singapore on last October. Last but not least, the others places were fascinating and beautiful too. The journey started from the open space after Gardens by the Bay - Haji Lane - til' back to Changi Airport. Have you through that path or places that i mention above?? Or maybe we had a same path?? Interesting isn't it?

Singapore is one of my destination that i never have a boredom. It always has new attractions and places to go everyyear. Phenomenome events and genius loci of that place always attract me to come back and back again.  This was my third times to go there and someday will become my forth times to be there. And of course i'll visit the others place that i've never been before. Gonna be interesting!! Waiting for that time :))


Take Gardens by the Bay to Marina Bay exit gate and you'll get this view - Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay Sands's Height

Marina Bay Sands path to entrance

Walk on bridge, walk on this height - At low density (compared with Jakarta LOL)


It took 15 minutes to walk from the GBTB's exit gate to Marina Bay Sands. Enjoy the walk and take some selfie photos, then you won't feel tired and will enjoy the moments :)) And.. this is.. Marina Bay Sands Shopping Mall :))

Marina Bay Sands's Interior - River at building

Rigid Curvalinier Steel Structure - 1

Rigid Curvalinier Steel Structure - 2

Do you love to play at Casino?? Love or not, i recommend you to try and visit the casino in this building. Casino at here is superb! The interior was designed well and you'll feel the luxury :) As an acrhitect, i recommend for the others architects to feel the essence and observe the people. You'll get 'something' that you can learn from there that you can apply for. I'm sorry i couldn't take photo inside it. If you dont love to, afraid of, but want to see that, i'll give you a tips. Just hold your breath, hold on your faith, hold your money, just do nothing but your eyes still look around, then go out. Finish! Mission complete! Hahahaha Great experience to go there as architect :))


After played around at Marina Bay Sands and took rest a while, we moved to next stop that was Singapore Flyer. Singapore flyer was the most wanted place that i wanted to go! I requested it to my friends before we planned this trip. Wondered how this attraction would be.. Curios.. Until we decided to take the flyer. Yeayy !! You can take it at the day or night. Different feelings and prices of course. It's up to you. We chose night for the cityscape view :)) And this what'll you get..

In the tube. Fascinating!

Singapore Night Cityscape

Oh.. I could see GBTB buildings! Beautiful :)

Couldn't get my eyes off

Thank you for great experience, Singapore Flyer! Had fun of it :))


Orchard road is the famous shopping street at Singapore. Shopping malls is alongside this road. Never been at Singapore if you dont go here. Oh, there's a famous ice cream too called Orchard Ice Cream or Ice Cream Uncle. Called that because the seller is old uncle who sell it in his cart. Delicious and cheap. You must try it :))

The Street and Stair

The Shopping Malls

The Other Shopping Mall

How the lighting influence the exterior and cityscape

Light Over the Light

The Iconic MRT Entrance

The Famous Uncle Ice Cream - Mint Choco Chip Ice Cream. Yummy..


These were the last destinations of my trip before came back to Jakarta, Chinatown and Hajilane. Thought that we could get breakfast in early morning at Chinatown around at 8 a.m., we couldn't. The restaurants and shops still closed. We just can find a few of some restaurants, so we got dimsum at there. So unfortunately. Wrong time i guessed. But in the early morning i could still have this view :))

Colorful Chinatown

The Chinatown

After full, we moved to the next place before go to airport. We went to Haji Lane yeayy!! Haji Lane is a famous street which has local designers shops and unique coffee shops and restaurants. Alongside the street there are creative paintings and graffiti on their walls too. Beautiful street :)) I thought this street was concepted as a local creativitity area, so everything in here are about locality and uniqueness.

I am at Haji Lane

Haji Lane Street-1

Haji Lane Street-2

One of Beautiful Coffee Shop

I'm at the Famous Painting of  Haji Lane

One selfie won't make you hurt at this beautiful street

After went around, we decided to try one of the unique coffee shop, that was Selfie Coffee Singapore Shop. This unique coffee shop has an unique coffee that you can put your photo on top your coffee. So, it called as selfie coffee. Me find it's interesting !! :)) Like this..

OH !! We're on the top of coffee !!

The Other Pose. LOL

Quote on the wall that always give me strength to move.
Thank you :))
  Thank you Singapore for gave me a great time and full of experiences ;). Thank you for GiaCintaRisca and Evelyn Agustina for accompanied me and great time. Love both of you :)) HAHAHA!
 Share your experiences and comments belows, or you can request me the other place that i must go in next trip. I'll appreciate it so much. Thank you for reading, blogs!


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