Shiok Trip at Singapore! - The Beginning

by - May 07, 2016

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As my promise to keep update, i'll share my last trip to SG on October 2015 that gives me an inspiration and something new to learn. Talk about the title post ' Contented Trip', yeah it was my third trip to singapore then tried to content myself in this trip. I traveled to place that i never was before and tried the things that i never did. In this trip i was accompanied by my 2 college's friends, Evelyn and Risca. Such a pleasure could travel with them. :)) Love it !! And.. today i wanna to share my trip, places and things that u can try too. OR !! u can share your experiences and the other things that i can try on my 4th trip to Singapore :))  Yeay..

We got a separate flight schedule to singapore. I departed 5 hours earlier than them then i used that time to explore Changi Airport and tried things that i craved to do in Changi. Do you know? Travel alone is great !! Fascinating !! You can try it..

Have breakfast at Starbuck before depart is always my favorite thing to do. 
Different feeling !! :D

Have a seat beside a window is always the best part. 
Nice sky huh? :) Great start to go trip



Have you ever explore and go around at Changi Airport? Have you ever go around at Terminal 1, 2, and 3? For your information, there were great !! For me, third times go around at this airport was a pleasure. I had great times while i was waiting my friends for 5 hours. Maybe one of the reasons is i love airport. Love how the airport always gives me 'surprise' events. People's movement always give me something's interesting to learn. And.. Love to observe them :))

Arrived and started go around for 5 hours. Yeay!!
People's movement after departed

Charge your gadgets and get this great view at transit lounge.
 There's free wifi too and easy to login.

Airport View

After had a Subway as lunch, i felt sleepy. Found snooze lounge at transit lounge and started to sleep. Nice lounge chair, view, and ambienc and i fell a sleep for 2 hours. Nice nap. Hahaha. Oh, there are socket to charge your gadget too. Convenience !!
Free duty shops are great place to spend your time. Cheaper than Indonesia. Wohoo!! What i still craving is massage chair :'(  It's always full and couldn't try it. Next time i must try it ! #nextmission and next time i'll share more photos than this. Hard thing if go alone is take a photo, too many belongings to hold. Maybe i next time i'll just bring myself, camera, phone, and money.

The famous raindrops at the terminal.
I just knew the price, guess how much is it ? :))

After 5 hours, we finally met up !! It's 4 p.m., ready to took skytrain to MRT station and traveled around SG. Leggo leggo..

Tired after took a long time, in first day we just had dinner at Bugis and shopped at Mustafa. Those were the result. For Your Information, banana and melon milk were the best !! (You can get it at Bugis). Lays Stax and Reese's were nice snack too. Can't get enough and still craving for those right now :'( Next time my luggage will be fulfill by them. LOL

Ready to prepared for tomorrow's journey...



It's my second time played at universal studio, my first time was in 2011. In 2011, the attractions was not much as in 2015. So,  gonna tried the new attractions. Oh, despicable me characters were added to in the Universal Studio. So excited could meet with minions!! Yes, i'm minions lover. Here we go, universal studio... :))

Outside of Universal Studio

The Famous Universal Globe. 
You never been at USS if u don't take a photo with this icon. LOL

(photo credit :

The different of USS in 2011 and 2015 was the additional attractions in the site. USS has 7 areas, those are Hollywood area, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far-Far Away Kingdom, and Madagascar. My starting point was Hollywood - Sci-Fi City - Madagascar.

At New York area there is additional attraction, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase or i called it  'Elmo Star Wars'. Good imagination for kids. Love the galaxy interior design :)

Sesame Street (photo credit :

After that we moved on to Transformer attractions, this's one of my favorite attractions and the ppl feel the same. Even the queue was long, the 4D experience has satisfied me. I rode it for 2 times and 2times at the front seat. Fascinating !! You must try it too at front seat, great experience.

Transformers 3D Ride (photo credit : TripAdvisor)

After shook my body off, we moved to the next attractions. Battlestar Galactica : Human and Cylon war were the next. Wohooo!! Have been waiting this for a long time. Which one do you prefer? Me? Both. So excited! Wanted to ride for more times, but the queue was too long. :"(
The red one (Human Roller Coaster) is different from before. I remembered the red one before hadn't chest safety belt, it only had lower body safety belt. It was scared before. Can you feel the thrill when you ride roller coaster that hasn't something hold your upper body ?? Hahahaha. Glad they have it now. Feel safer. :)
The blue one (Cylon Roller Coaster) is floorless and 360 degree roller coaster. You can get 'flying' experience and sensation. They add fog effect below the track, so you feel like at the outerspace. Try to open your eyes while ride it and shout it loud. So excited ! :D
Tips : You must put your belongings to the locker. Don't forget to bring the money out and have a small amount of money or ez-link (more helped) to open the locker if you out of the time limit. The time limit is around 45 minutes to get it free..  Oh, in the case you want to get a new mobile phone, you can bring it when you ride. Hahaha (based on experience HAHA)

There's a quote 'if it isn't a roller coaster then it isn't a life'. Just enjoy the ride. 
But, how if you are too afraid and can't enjoy the ride?? :))

Ancient Egypt (photo credit : USS)

There's the other roller coaster inside this building. Yes, indoor roller coaster. Even it's indoor, you can't underestimate the thrill level, it's about 5/7 maybe. Revenge of the Mummy ride is one of my favorite too!! I've ridden for many times, 3 times i thought. It's better to sit in the front seat and get the thrill of mummy. You must make sure you don't have a heart dissease, the ride is quiet bemused. Try it and get fun :)

Next was The Lost World. Had lunch at here. You can use your sgd5 coupon here and enjoy the interior design of lost world.. and fossil??

After full, we moved to the far far away kingdom. Love this kingdom and the story of Shrek and Fiona. We can learn how to love unconditionally. Ohh (please ignore me) HAHAHA.  Such as beautiful castle to dream of. That's what girls always wonder about.

 Felt like a cinderella in front of this superb castle. 
Yeah same like my name cindy-rella?? #oops Hahaha

Like in the scene of Shrek's movie. 
People walked around, chit-chated, and laughed in the beautiful kingdom.

Puss in Boots Giant (photocredit :

This is the new one, Puss in Boots Giant. After had so many thrill roller coaster before, we wanted to ride something more relax. That's my first thought. After you rode this one, you couldn' t underestimate it !! The thrill level maybe isn't same like the rides before, but it's enough to make you shout out loud. Or maybe was it just me felt that way? Must check the heart rate. LOL. And. . This one must right, the 'relax' roller coaster. You can ride it at your relax mode and enjoy the view of Far-Far away kingdom. It's nice, isn't it?

Far-Far Away Kingdom (photo credit :


Next was Madagascar. As you enter this area you'll hear this sing 'I like to move it move it, i like to move it move it, you like to.. move it'. Yeah, sing and dance over it :) Love madagascar? Just try the ride and don't forget to bring umbrella! LOL

Madagascar (photocredit : wikipedia)

Last but not at least, Hollywood area. YEAHH. It has minion mart here!! Who love minions? Raise your hand! :))

I got many minion's things here. So happy. You can use your discount coupon too if you purchase more than sgd 30. :))

The Cute Merchandises

So lucky, after out of the minion mart i met with the characters. The halloween minion characters :)) Thank you guys. This trip was wonderful. Pardon my face after took the rides for countless times. HAHAHA. That's it my adventure in Universal Studio Singapore. Enjoy it? Do you have something interesting to share with? Waiting for read it :)
And i'm sorry for a few of photos that weren't taken by me, because i've enjoyed til i forgot to take some photos. :)
Out from USS, there is eye-catchy building. It's national maritime museum. Red laterals encompass the building and form a path. The rhytme brings a good ambience to walked in. We didn't have a chance to get inside due the limit time. Maybe next time gonna try it :)

National Maritime Museum

We closed this trip with shopping at Vivo City, duty free shopping mall that was never disappointed you for the price.


Started the day in early morning, walked around and enjoyed the view. Our destination was Garden by the Bay, but we have walked from Fullerton rd - Garden by the Bay to get the beautiful view and experiences. Here we are, my journey and the gallery.

Business District

Iconic Building

Marina View


The Famous Merlion Park 
Me before has brown hair. HAHA

Esplanade Path

Esplanade View

Helix Bridge collaborations with Marina Bay Sands

The Perforated Steel Mesh Canopy, Helix Bridge

The Fritted-Glass Canopy, Helix Bridge

On the Way to Garden by the Bay

Here We Were


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