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Beautiful night in Shanghai

Start form the arrival, airport is one of my favorite place to spend time when i travel around. Airport is a political building that brings character and culture of their city or country. Attractively, i've visited a few airports, that's true their building's characters are different. They have their uniqueness in a space. In the airport, people always bring a 'suprise' events and space. Love it so. Becoming an expert of transportation building in architecture is my dream too. I hope so :))

 The day light from skylight 
and curtain wall with glass material form a concave eye light

Loop Skylight
Skylight as natural lighting in airport building, to decrease electricity for using lamp as artificial lighting

 Rhythm of Skylights

Wide Span Joints


"Never was in Shanghai if you didn't go to Nanjing Road", stranger in Shanghai said that. And..
What is the best reliever for women?? One of the answer is.. SHOPPING !! :))
Nanjing road is a shopping street area that have many kind of shops in there, from fashion, food, medicine, snack, many kind of things in there. Many things to offer, humans crowding awaits HAHAHA

Nanjing Road
Crowding here, crowding there, people from many countries at hereeeeee!!

Tram in Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road has 1033 meters long and 18-30 meters wide. Because of that length, tram was provided to give a load for people. Can you imagine, if you start walking from 0 point til the end of street and you must come back to your starting point by walk? (tours) Hahahaha

Photo Stop

 Temperature Building

There's something catchy in my eyes. There's a temperature building. The building can show us the current temperature. It's fall here, the building shows 19 degrees C. Travel from tropical into the subtropical country, my body can felt a lot different climate.


Night seeing at financial buildings in Shanghai is a great idea. A beautiful cityscape was offered !! Light from the buildings, traffic, and street become one and make a night cityscape.

Night Cityscape of Financial Buildings, New Town of Shanghai

 Night Cityscape of Financial Buildings, New Town of Shanghai

There's a large bridge as a connection path from the workplace to another place. Besides as the path, this space currently becomes a social and 'wefie' space for tourists. The bridge becomes a favorite space to feel the breeze in the night. FYI, a wind blowing hard, I'm freezing here!! But, there's no excuse to take a photo :))) Beautiful here!!


Jinmao Tower, the famous tower, the third tallest building in Shanghai (421m). Too tall, so I can't capture the top. :(( The building was designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merril. The design is combining elements of traditional Chinese architecture and Gothic influence. Architects designed the building with the theme of the Chinese Pagoda and the number 8 (the number considered extremely lucky). The lowest segment of the building is sixteen stories high and each succeeding segment is 1.8 th smaller than its predecessor. (source : http://www.chinahighlights.com/shanghai/attraction/jinmao-tower.htm , access on 10/9/2015 11:17pm)




If you at Shanghai, this landmark is a must place to go!! In this Radio and TV tower, you can observe Shanghai City at 360 degrees view. The tower has fifteen observatory levels. The highest (known as the Space Module) is 350 m. The lower levels are at 263 m (Sightseeing Floor) and at 90 m (Space City). There is a restaurant too at the 267 m (876 ft) level. The project also contains exhibition facilities and a small shopping center. Great experiences, No regret of course !! :))

 The Famous Landmark

The Observatory
You can observe and get Shanghai's view here. Just put the coin ( i forgot how much is it), a beautiful view is waiting for you :)). While I was here, unfortunately, the climate wasn't too good. It had fog here so I couldn't get that beautiful shot for the landscape. :( Sorry for that, but this is the landscape :)


I present the most exciting place in the Oriental Pearl Tower, SPACE MODULE. Wuooo, I was excited here. Until now, I still can feel that chilling !! At 350 m levels, I stood above on 1,5-inch glass. How could that be?? I scared, but I wanted to take a photos :'( Can you see my stiff hand grabs a rail?  That's how I felt. But it's such a great experience.
Can you see the landscape below my feet? HAHAHAHA. It's HIGH and I could feel the air blew ~ ~. I hated the moment while I prepared to take a photo, some children ran around. I could feel the shaking glass !! "Oh my, could someone tie them??" that was my thought. LOL. Then, I asked my engineering lecturer, "Sir, could this glass break down?" He replied, "Nothing in this world was perfect, especially the man-made." So, it's all about the time?? LOL. But, don't worry! They have high maintenance for that. I just tell what I felt in there :) So, don't you dare?


Love night market? Love shopping? Love eating? Love historical buildings? and seek for souvenirs?? This is a perfect combination to get all of that, Yuyuan Old Night Market. Yuyuan Old Night Market, is located next to the Yuyuan Garden. Now, it is a good place to buy souvenirs, traditional Chinese arts, and crafts. But in the old days, there was just a temple ( the City God Temple ) that was built in the 15th century. The market is an 825 m old street. Two sections separated by Guanyi Street, the eastern section extends to Renmin Road, which remains the characteristics of the houses in the late Qing Dynasty to the early Republican period; and the western section to Henan Road, which are in the architecture style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. (I got this info from http://blog.beijingholiday.com/shanghai/shanghai-yuyuan-old-night-market/). Love it? I got some beatiful buildings shot in the night. Check it out :)

Overall, this place was great. Great for sightseeing and eat snacks. LOL. You can find various things in here like tea, luggage, key chain, and the others souvenirs things. OH, I got duck tongue here!! I brought it to my family, but they felt strange. It was hilarious! LOL Have you tried duck tongue? Do you love it? I'm sorry, I didn't have guts to eat that. So I couldn't tell how the taste was.

For me, Yuyuan Old Night Market was quiet great but not for the price. It's not as cheap as I thought. Even, I don't know if I could bargain or not, but the first offer price were quiet high. That's just my thought for some shops. And I hope you get your best price :D


Last, but not at least.. THE BUND. I love this place !! Love it so so so much. A beautiful space that separates an old town and new town of Shanghai. They kept their historical buildings that belong to Western and Japan in the old town. The bund means a bank. So, the historical buildings function were a bank in the old days. They had Beaux Art for the architecture style. And for the new buildings like financial buildings are in the new town area.

 Can you feel the separation?

 View to the New Town of Shanghai

 I felt like I'm in Europe. LOL
Hope the next trip I can go there, never ever been there.

 Of course, you can take many beautiful shots here. Just love every angle :)
Even it's a short trip, I glad to be here.
I'm sorry for this trip I couldn't get so many details because it was a university's trip program.
But, I'll attempt to give many details in the next trip. :D
Thank you for reading my post!
I hope you'll get some inspirations and helped after reading it.
Leave your thoughts below.
Happy April!

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