Travel to Pattaya-Bangkok, Thailand

by - January 18, 2014

Hello !!
Long time no write, because of too many travelling?? hahhaa. Okay, now I'll share where what why how my long journey in travelling :D
Hope i can give you a help and more inspiration :) Enjoy !! :)

Today, I'll share my travel to Pattaya, Thailand with my craziest friends. haha.
This trip was planned a year ago when Air asia had a low fare cost promo to Bangkok.
I no wonder i'll get this cheap ticket too.

Okay, those pictures above was a ticket from CGK-KUL-DMK and DMK-KUL-CGK. For your information, transit is really tiring. It's better if you got a direct flight to Bangkok. U'll save a budget and energy too for baggage.
U can zoom it, see the pict CGK-KUL (Kuala Lumpur) for 5 persons are IDR 0.00 , Is it crazy? Nope. That's Air Asia !! Hahahaha. thank hyou Air Asia !! Now, the 10 persons's trip is begin :)

Maybe, it's my habit, when i arrived at airport... okay.. it's time for take a photo in each angle.

 This is our airport, Jakarta's airport terminal 3 


Air Asia in Malaysia is arriving at budget terminal. There isn't interesting. Then, Air Asia in Bangkok is arriving at Don Muang. Unfortunately, i didn't visit a suvarnhabumi airport hiks :') Later i must arrive at suvarnhabumi airport !! 

After arrived at Don Muang Airport, we went to Pattaya directly by rent private car. It was 3000 baht for 10 persons. That was cheap, right? thank you Mr. Taxi :)
We spent 2 nights in Citin Loft Pattaya. This is a recommend hotel from me !!! Cheap and They have bathtub, hot water, nice suite room, and great access to everywhere. They have free shuttle songtheu (one of Thailand vehicle's name) for us too. It was excited trip !!

It fits for 10 persons. How many are you? :))

Pattaya's View

First trip, we went to Pattaya Beach. The sense is like in Miami. Isn't it?? hehehe

 Hilton Hotel got his sense for an icon architecture

Everywhere we go, we must try MCD. oyee hahaha

Who didn't know Pattaya Walking Street??
For me, this place is a place for someone who want to search a private 'happiness' in the night (sorry, i don't mind it)
Actually, i don't like it. But, you must try it. It's a popular place in Pattaya. U can't call u already have been in Pattaya if u don't go here 

Next Trip......
I'm so exciting !! Maybe because i have an art sense?? Hahaha Please ignore this statement haha

Yes, here we are ! Another popular place in Pattaya, is...... Art in Paradise !!
Art in Paradise is the biggest place for 3D arts !! It commonly for photo shoot. Do you love art? Do you love 3D arts? Are you narcism? Of course, you must go here !

Beautiful mermaid, isn't she? :)

Ngakak hahaha

Kind of powerful hah?

My Little Tiny Friend , muahahaha

Those are a few of my photos, there are so many.... to upload...... Isn't it fun? SO MUCH FUN !! LOVE IT SO !! NO REGRET :D

Outside of Art in Paradise, there is coconut ice cream !! Yummy !! ++++ my happiness :)

After went to Art in Paradise, next place is...... Alcazar !! I called it 'Banci Show' I dunno what english call it for a man who transgen to a woman. I try to translate it and they say it's a sissy. Is it? hmm
Fun attraction and i swear it'll make you mesmerize XD  They look same like a woman. Even they are prettier than me. hiks :') 

Here are they, Spectacular Show..

Indonesia Culture

Korea Culture, Hyun A !!

Isn's she pretty? XD Love it

Banci 1 Banci 2? hahaha

Pretty Pretty Pretty
I think, a men can't recognize her as sissy if they are outside from this show

Then, for the relaxation and search a place to eat. we came to Hilton plaza. Yes, the iconic building which i mention it before. 

Here we go, the architecture sense comes ! hihihi. Love it so.. 

Modern shopping mall inside

Outdoor Shopping Mall

Thank you for reading !!
This only a part 1 of it, part 2 is coming soon :D
Hope it'll make you more recognize pattaya's fun place (?)
Please leave a comment below if you have a question

Special Thanks to

Alvivin (for the courtesy some photos)

See ya !!

Cindy Tjahjadi

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