15 Things You Must Eat in Thailand (YMET) part 2

by - November 02, 2013

Hello readers !
This new post is relate to last post, that 15 Thing You Must Eat in Thailand (YMET) part 2!!
nom nom nom
Are you ready to droll? hehehe

9. Coconut Ice Cream

Ahh, when i hear this name "Coconut Ice Cream" I just can nom nom nom *in my mind
Coconut ice cream with almond is just perfect combination. The real coconut is on coconut ice cream. Coconut shell as its cup. Isn't it cute too? :) Don't forget to try this. It has different taste, feel, and place. YMET !!
The price is 20 Baht.

10. Durian

Durian is one of thai fruit. It's popular in here. Besides Thailand, My country, Indonesia also has this fruit too. Medan city is quiet popular if we talk about this fruit. The taste is sweet. The smell is strong. Because of the smell, there are people who like or unlike it. Depends on. Do you like this fruit? YMET ! Don't forget to not drink cola after eat this fruit, okay? :D

11. Mochi Ice Cream

What is Mochi ice cream? Mochi ice cream is mochi which contain an ice cream. They have many flavors, there are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, green tea, taro, and tiramisu. Which one your favorite flavor? :) I love the green tea one. Maybe in some countries, it wasn't special like the other thai food. But, why don't you try to eat it while enjoy an beautiful asiatique's design and they big wheel. Lovable feel ! 

*Coming soon = Places you must go in Thailand

12. Khao Niau Mamuang

Khao Niau Mamuang is one of thai food and of course, it's a popular food. You can find it wherever you go. Sticky rice with mango + coconut soup (?) . The Coconut soup, Indonesian people called it 'santan'. I love the mango. The mango are sweet and nice. I love mango i love mango i love mango.
The price is around 50 Baht. It depends on place. :)

13. Mango Ice Cream with Chocolate Almond or Chocolate Candy

I love mango i love mango i love mango. I really really really love every thai food which are related to their mango. hahaha. Everywhere i go, if i saw the mango or mango flavor, i bought it immediately hahaha :) 
I bought and ate it in Chatuchak Market. It's perfect situation, when u are shopping in hot summer and then you eat this mango ice cream. FRESH !! ahh please i want it more !! Maybe u'll shock with the price. The price is 50 Baht. But, it's worthy. So, don't worry. YMET !

14. Banana Pancake

Banana pancake is popular as street food. It's a sweet street food. Maybe for you, it just an ordinary banana pancake. Yes, it is. But, after you eat it, you'll miss it. The different feeling and taste, you'll miss it. Like me :( I swear !! hahaha YMET !
The price is quiet cheap. It's around 20-30 Baht

15. Fried Street Food

Who don't love Fried Street Food????? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
What makes it different with the other countries's street food. They have thai sauce which you won't find in another country. Sweet sour and spicy sauce. nom nom nom.
Then, what you want to keep eat, besides a taste is price !! The price is affordable. It's around 10 baht/ piece
Do you love it like the way i love you babe #oops #singing2ne1 hahaha

Okay readers, that's the end of my post for 15 things you must eat in Thailand #YMET.
I hope it'll help you to not miss or regret not try their food after comeback home.
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Cindy Tjahjadi

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