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by - October 29, 2013

Hello readers !

Today, i want to give a report about Lancome's event. Actually this was a month ago event. As you know my laptop crushed, so it was a late report. I'm sorry Lancome. But actually, it's a great event so i want all of you know about this :)

The main product in this event is Hypnose Palette. Hypnose Pallete is a new eye shadow from Lancome. Those eye shadows have a 3 looks, Doll eyes, Star eyes, and Drama eyes.

This one is my favorite :) Smokyyy eyesssss

The interesting part in this event is they had a make-up demo for that 3 looks. They had 3 models to got a star eyes, doll eyes, and drama eyes.
In that demo, we can learn how to use and combine the colors to make that looks. 
I sat far enough from that models, so, i just saw and learnt. I didn't get some video. Sorry. Someday I gonna make this tutorial video for you. :)

Tadaaa.. this is a result after a makeup demo
The black one for star eyes, pink one for doll eyes, and the blue one for drama eyes.
I really love the drama eyes. Give a strong charismatic, chic, and more elegant for a high class woman (?)

Here is it a 3 winner for the best dress code. Star eyes, doll eyes, and drama eyes (from left) Congrats girls ! :) 

3 beautiful models

Star Eyes

Doll Eyes

Drama Eyes

My OOTD for this event :) 
Of course, in this event i got a goodie bag too :P hehehe

Thank you Lancome for the invitation and goodie bag :D


Thank you for the readers
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Cindy Tjahjadi

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