Body Shop's Event on Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 #JFW2014 + MY OOTD

by - October 27, 2013

Hello readers !
My laptop got a break, so i can't write for a longgg time ago.
But now, my laptop is normal . hoorayyy. And i ready to write a new post :)

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 become a trending topic and hits in recently days. Same as fashion week in the others country, JFW2014 has got many attention too from people who love a fashion ! like me :)
It held on October 19-25th 2013 in Senayan City, Jakarta.
Because of my assignments, i can't go to their event. :(  But, on 22th October, i can go for Body Shop's event on JFW2014 . oyee. Body Shop has a launching for their new products, "Color Crush"

 Eye Shadow "Color Crush"
What is Color Crush?

Eye shadow "Color Crush" means that colors can blend into a sweet combination without distraction 

Lipstick "Color Crush"

In this event, the main dress code is Color Crush.
And this is my OOTD :)

In this event, I blend my own color crush before i got a new product from Body Shop. I got Borjouis Paris as my eye shadow.

I really love their package, unique and simple for me :)
The main color is Green.It consist of  Light green, Dark Green, and Deep Green. It specially for smoky eyes.
I chose the smoky one, because the event held on evening. 

I love their eye shadow's tool. It's soft, appropriate, and easy to draw my eyes 

Green Eye Shadow by Borjouis Paris

This is my looks after a make up :)

This is one of the event :)
Who is she? Do you recognize her? YES, it's Leonita Nerissa on her Testimonial Video Competition :)

My Ootd 

They got Alika, Arumi, and Sonya Erika as their guest 
Sonya Erika is my favorite one :)
I really love her style, simple looks and elegant with her blouse, pants + gold belt and shoes. She looks so beautiful in real :)

My OOTD with Leonita Nerissa and Giacinta Risca

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that's really help me.

Cindy Tjahjadi

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  1. Ijin grab foto....thank you :)

    Love, Leonita