15 Things You Must Eat in Thailand !! (YMET) Part 1

by - October 31, 2013

Hello readers !
2 months ago i have traveled to Pattaya-Bangkok, Thailand. I traveled around to there with my friends. We're in bagpacker style (maybe) hahahaha :D We're traveled around and found what we love...
In my opinion, Pattaya-Bangkok is two of interesting city in Asia and place that you must spend your holiday. Places, Culture, People, and Foods are so greattttttt...

And !!
Today, i want to share 15 foods you must eat in Thailand !! The foods are great taste. I love their foods. I don't know, it because i have a same taste (Asian taste) or not. But, i think you must try it :) The price is affordable for me. The price also depends on where you eat them, in restaurant, street, or stall. Even in restaurant, the price is still appropriate. The price is around 10-200 baht. 10-50 baht for street food, 50-100 for stall food, and 100-200 baht in restaurant.

I've tried so many foods in Thailand. I think those are a great foods. Check it out :)

Which one do you love? YMET
I love them
Check it out

1. Tom Yum

Who don't know tom yum? Tom Yum is one of popular thai food. The taste are sour and spicy. There are many kind of tom yum, tom yum chicken tom yum seafood, tom yum vegetable, tom yum shrimp. The sour and spicy taste made me want more and more XD. Because tom yum is popular, you can find it wherever you go, like restaurant or stall. It's easy to find it. The price is around 150 baht for a portion in restaurant and 250 baht for 5-6 person portion in stall. Quite cheap right? :) YMET !!

2. Quail Egg Delicious Crepes

I don't know a name for this food. A maker also don't know how to speak english. So i called it Quail Egg Delicious Crepes. hehehe :D
You can find this food on street. I found it at Siam. He made the crepes with chicken meat, beef sausage, and of course quail egg !! I think what made the crepes's so delicious was quali egg. nom nom nom. Pleasee i want it moreeeeeeeee.. The price is 15 baht for a small one and 30 baht for a big one. Give me a BIG ONE !! YMET.

3. Som Tum Pu Pla Raa (Papaya salad with Salted Crab)

This food is one of traditional thai food. The taste is quiet odd but good. It had strong smell and taste. Someone who didn't like strong taste from seafood, they won't like it. I think the taste was good, but my friends didn't like it. YMET, this food only in Thailand. I ate it in restaurant. The price was 80 baht.

4. Chicken Noodle Soup Thailand

This food was so really niceeeeee. FYI, a maker is also nice. hehehe. Fresh from the oven (oven?? hahaha) , tender chicken meat, nice smell made it was so great. It was pretty hard for me to find this chicken noodle soup. I found it on Pattaya street. The price is 30 baht. Delicious, cheap, and make you full enough, so what do you need more? :D YMET !!

5. Spicy Pork with Rice

This food'squite interesting. In their menu, they wrote spicy pork with rice, not rice with spicy pork is quiet strange for me. hehehe. Shouldn't it spicy pork rice or rice with spicy pork?? Okayy, whatever hahaha. Actually, they have their thailand's name but i forgot. Maybe, do you know what is it? You can share it to me and everyone in comment's box below. Thank you before :)

Spicy pork with rice was so greatttt. The pork was so tender and soup in left made it so completed. The price is 100 Baht. YMET !!

6. Pad Thai

Wuahh, I think Pad Thai is quiet popular too after Tom Yum in Thailand. You can find it wherever you go. Pad Thai is a fried kuo tiaw with vegetables/chicken meat, beef, or seafood and ground nut. The taste is sour and sweet. You can make it spicy too. Pad Thai's taste was so good and of course YMET !! :) The price is around 50 baht.

7. Pineapple Fried Rice

Pineapple fried rice is quiet popular too. In Indonesia, they have it in Thailand restaurant. You can find it everywhere too in Thailand. Fried rice in pineapple is unique and beautiful appearance , right? Yeah, the taste's quiet good too. One of my friend love it totally. I think, you'll love it too. Won't you?? :) The price is around 120 baht.

8. Thai Tea

Who don't know thai tea???? Yeah, the legend of tea from Thailand !! YMET !! You must and you must. Fresh from a tea maker is totally different if you buy thai tea on can or in supermarket. Totally DIFFERENT !! I bought it at market on the street. I was not only pampered by the taste, but the performance (?) from tea maker's too. She pull and pull and pull the milk. Her hand was so fast. wohooo. The taste was fantastic. The price's also cheap. The price is 15 baht/glass. So, Don't you wanna try? :)

Those are 8 Things You Must Eat in Thailand (YMET) Part 1
I hope you'll enjoy and it will help you to know what you must eat in Thailand
Curious for 7 things else? 
Coming soon YMET part 2, Don't Miss It!!

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Enjoy your trip in Thailand

Cindy Tjahjadi

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