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Hello bloggers :) great day to create a new post.
Today, i want to share my first visit and review as blogger. Oh my , my heart beats so fast xD i'm too excited about my first event . thank you Kay Collection for a chance :) Hope i would be invite by Kay collection in next event . hihihi
and i hope bloggers and readers can enjoy my report and review about Kay Collection's grand opening at Taman Anggrek :)
Enjoy !

Do you know Kay Collection? Yes Kay Collection, Yes that's it. Yes that's what i mean


Kay Collection is a makeup collections which are consist of many brand. These are names for the brands :) check it out. Maybe, there's one your favorite brand :)

Got your favorite brand? I got it :) I love all of them xD these are for a products .

For me, it's important for makeup to have a case. isn't it?

Kay Collection has a grand opening or launching for their shop at taman anggrek mall. They give a special price for buyers who are buy in that time. 20% for all item and 50% for currently item. 

After look around and check many products, i realize i love them so much. great things to have !

These are my favorite items in Kay Collection. xD I love many items but I love them most. Check it out :)

Black case Leather fabrics, this case's very simple and organized. Even a size of case is big, it still bring an elegance. Doesn't it? :)

Can u see the price? PRICE NEVER LIES . BALANCE ! 

Still on case, i love this case too. Blink blink everywhere. This case has many colors, but i love black and pink colors. How about you? Do you love it too? 

When I see this luggage , don't know why i remember Agnes Monica (one of great artist in Indonesia) I wonder if i have it. hiks :'( really want to have it !!!

Falling in love in the first sight. Have you ever heard that statement?. That's what i experienced it. Believe it or not, actually i don't know about this brand, i heard that brand for the first time, Masami Shouko.
Yes, That's name. The name of brand which made me falling in love in the first sight :*
I think you will be falling in first sight too when see this picture :) hehehe

In many colors, this is my favorite. Brown leather pouch. 

After look around in Kay Collection, Let's see the party for grand opening :)

Just for your information i love the orange one. hihihi. it was really delicious !!

And before go home, i got a goody bag which full of many items. Love it !!

Curious, interest to buy an items, love it, and wanna feel it?? Just visit Kay Collection . :) once more, congratulations Kay Collection. Keep Going and success :)

coming soon my review for Liquid Eyeliner by Koji

Thank you for reading, i'm sorry if i make a mistake. Don't forget to leave a comment before you leave. :)

Cindy Tjahjadi

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  1. i would like to know all item inside your goodie bag. Please review all of them! :p

    1. thank you for comment, look forward to my next post.

      thank you,
      Cindy Tjahjadi

  2. nice review! thx for the comment!
    it's relly easy to get the top! just follow my GFC (and +1 entry if you follow on twitter and share about the giveaway)